Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Thistle

About a year ago I made the knife that I carry into the woods with me nearly everytime I got and I love it. With some serious use under my belt with the materials and shapes involved, I decided it make the next revision. One thing I wanted to change for sure was the width of the handle. At an inch wide, the current model it nice but seems to be harder to control under heavy pressure. I started farting around with wider steel designs and came up with this.

After the initial profile was ground out, it still felt like the answer to so I bevelled it up...

and drilled it out and sanded it and sent it off to heat treatment.

I really like the way A2 finishes once it is hardedned and tempers so I worked the edge up first and decided on some mullbery I have had in the shop for a while.

After some sanding, and some more sanding, I fitted up the scales and glued and pinned them.

... and then a whole bunch of sanding later I had a rough handle contour.

The knife still felt great at this point so I finished up the handle and sharped it up. I think it worked out well.

My camera is on the fritz so these are the best pics I could manage for now. I need to make a sheath and get this thing into the woods. I love field trials... :)

Thanks for reading along and take care,



N.Loosvelt said...

Hey Joel,

Love your Blog. I saw your Scandi Jig. It looks pretty darn awesome. I was wondering if you have ever tried doing a flat grind on it?


Joel Pearon said...

Nate, thanks for reading. I'm glad you like my little corner of the web.

To your question, I have never attempted a flat grind in the sense most makers do with the grinder and a flat platten wit this jig. I'm sure it would work thought. The angle just needs to be reduced to around 3 degrees and file away. Let me know how it goes. Thanks again,


W Smith said...

nice knife and a good blog


Joel Pearon said...

Thanks Warren. Nice of you to say.