Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rifle Range Monday!!

So sometimes I get the urge to go shoot just to make sure I still know how, but almost always I have something else to do...  but not on Monday.  I planned it a full month in advance and steered everyone away from that day.... and it worked...  :)

I took what I have figured will be my two primary squirrel implements along because I wanted to get some trigger time on them and because I wanted to make sure they were still dialed in.  I had some trouble hitting about beyond 30 ish yards last season with the 10/22 and sure enough, 1/2" left and a little low at 25.  I adjusted it up and it seems to be working as well as always.  Someday I may even clean it. 

The Marlin 917V was an unknown for me given my last attempt (and failure) to sight it in (without a bench).  The truth is I had to do some reading about the trajectory to discover I probably want it to be 3/4" low at 25 yards.  I am thinking I will take this along for leaves off, late season hunting.  It makes sense.  Movement is tough.  Shots are longer.  I think it will work.  I may even take it out before then but the darned thing is heavy.

It does have some taccuracy in it though.  :)  That's 5 at 50.  I do like this rifle.  If you look at the embankment in the photo below here, you can see the 100 ish yard line where I went to work on all of the exposed orange bird fragments I could find.  I can say that if I did my part, the turned to dust...  :)

All in all a good day in pursuit of the set up for next season.  By my count, that leaves us 149 days and a wake up call....  :)

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