Friday, October 19, 2012

Bark River Bravo-1: Initial Impressions and Thoughts

I started in the Bushclass certification right around August 5 or 6 of this year.  A big part of my plan to make it work was to use the class to vet out knives along the way.  I had sold a Bravo-1 in July that I sort of liked but really sort of didn't, largely because of the thumb ramp and the way the scales felt during use.  It was a great fit ergonomically but the slick micarta was not really my thing.  Anyhow, after doing some reading about the new ramp less Bravo, I decided I would give it a go.  It's a damned fine looker.  (I've used these pics in other posts here and elsewhere... Sorry nothing new in this one...  :) )  I have had excellent experiences with A2 in factory knives and in customs I have made so I went with it for this one as well.

I took it in the mailing container with the factory packaging still on it during the first trip out with it.

 It didn't even have a fingerprint on it and the folks sent me exactly what I ordered.  It's always a good thing when you head out with it still packed and it's the right knife...  :)  Like I said, it' a looker.  I really didn't like the sheath when it came out of the box but I've used it a few times now and it's OK.  At some point I need to make a dangler up for this one. 

It came out of the box plenty sharp and I set to work on lesson 1 with it.  I kept it to cedar and it handled it like a champ.

Baton performance was rock solid and I had no issues with nicks, bends, edge roll, etc.  The thickness seems good for this sort of work as well.

So far, I can say it's a good knife for bush work.  I've beat it a bit and pushed it some and so far, it has some scratches but no issues.  I like it a good deal.

As a part of the basic class I have also used a BK2 and a BRKT Aurora 3V.  Thus far, this is my fav.  When I head out next to start the Intermediate process, this one is the one going with me.

A parting prep shot from outing #4...  I love this thing...

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