Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Kydex Sheath for My F1

  It turns out that all my planning and scheming about a bag to take into the woods was rendered moot by the simplest of designs.  I went back to the bottle kit and adjusted a bit and landed exactly where I wanted to be... totally by accident.  It is that combination of weight and stuff I was looking for.  I'll do a write-up on it when things cool off some outside...  For now though, I can say the search is over.  More on that later.

One of the things I have wanted to do for a while now is get a good blade to include with whatever kit I had landed on, that could be out in the wet and wind for a day or two and not have issues.  After a pile of reading, I landed on the F1 from Fallkniven.  Just a superb blade so far though it has not been beaten or thrown.  Soon though.  In the mean time, just a damned good looker.

My first though was to make a kydex sheath.  Of course the thought that usually follows first thoughts like that is I don't know how...  So, after some youtube and some parts orders I got myself set up and went to it.  To be fair, it too three tries to get it to mold right.  I wasn't letting it get hot enough.  Once I did though, I got it this far.

Turns out that spine-side rivet is too close to the blade.  Otherwise from here, things were completely workable.  Bit of buffing, bit off sanding, bunch more rivets and...

Presto Chango F1 in a Kydex Sheath.  I suspect the belt sheath variety are harder to make.  This one though?  This one has a different purpose.  I wanted this on my strap for my hunting kit.  Little bit of paracord and a few holes in webbing later and she mounted up just right.

It just makes the kit complete I think.  I carried it out last Monday for 5 hours and it didn't slip once.  I imagine the retention is probably set too tight but that's really what I wanted.  I expect it to be there in case I need it and to be quiet 100% of the time.  A solid grip is required it seems.

The sheath was the high point of the hunt.  The rest was all cobwebs and sweat and no damned squirrels.  I was in the wrong place and the wrong time of day I think.  No worries though.  Still beats being on time for a meeting somewhere....  Later and thanks for reading.


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