Monday, September 2, 2013

Fest der Herbst beginnt Eichhörnchen

The idea that Labor Day was on Sept 2 this year made it, in my estimation, the nearly perfect holiday.  I was off work on the second day of squirrel season in Ohio...  I have to say, it was hot.  It was sticky.  It was hazy.  Still in all though, I don't remember a lot of first days of seasons that have been as satisfying.

The hike in was brier and dew and lots of work.  The moon joined me for the last bit of the hike.  I almost stopped and just waited for the full day to land on the field.  It was slow going.

I had the 980s out with me this morning.  I'm not sure I understand the fuss about these rifles as sub-standard.  Mine shoots well and hits where I aim it.  It also turns out they are pretty robust.  I managed, as I seem to do a lot, to fall and bury the front site in the mud.  A touch of cleaning and clearing later and all was functional.

I had the concept bag out with me today for her maiden voyage.  I was able to pull it together just about exactly like I planned.  I packed it over the last week in four different bags and a few different ways in each.  In the end, the Versipak Jumbo won out for wear ability and packing functionality.  I need to get some more time with it.  I have some concerns about how things worked today and I want to see if I can make it right before I do an in-depth post type thing about this.  The thing is still bullet proof and looks nice too.

This is where I hunt for a traditional first day of season.  It's a small little side stream that used to have a bridge over it before that big elevated oak on the right started growing.  It's all maple and pine but gets lots of traffic and I enjoy being down there and propping up on the old ricks along the stream.

I had a couple of shots today but they were crazy long for open sites.  I took them both and scared the critters away but no joy on anything to clean...  No worries.   There will be more trips this year...

Random shots of the day...

An old road sign with some stuff growing on it down by the bridge leftovers.

The Creek Bed

Glamour shot of the bag and rifle on the rock wall.

Tranquility is infested with butterflies this time of year.  Here's one that stopped right in front of me...

Thanks for reading along...

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