Thursday, January 2, 2014

Well, it's 2014...

It would be fair to say that sometime in late October I did that thing I do where I get my thoughts exactly backwards and, as a result, gave myself a first-class Rogerring.  :)  I made foolish professional decisions like someone who had nothing to lose in the last half of the hunting season and missed all of November and all of December's hunting time.  If only that was the end...  ultimately I wound up pretty well where I started and missed out on the bonus cycles and raises too.  I am not sure what I was thinkin...  Ah well.  While we live, we learn.  If we're too old to learn, I think we won't be around much longer.

So what do we do with the new year?  I have been thinking on this.  I think maybe there are some hard realities to face and some opportunities to exploit. 
  • First, no more discussion of fitness and weight loss.  It simple must happen.  I can't seem to plan it so I must just do it. 
  • I have a few firearms projects that have been in boxes of three or four years.  I think I will finish them this year.
  • My shooting is pretty rusty.  I need to make an effort to start having rifle range Wednesday this year.  I'm not sure how it will work out but hey, we gotta try.
  • Family time...  I need more of it.
  • Vacations...  I need one far, far away with no trees and no banks and lots of sand and frozen drinks.
  • Professional Skill Development...  The opportunity has presented itself and it may be time to get deep and dark in something specific rather than my current flavor of tech skill.
  • Church...  I can't say enough about how much I hope everyone finds something to believe in and then brings it into their lives.  I think I have and it's time to be more than the guy who watches the kids while the wife listens.
  • Writing...  I need to write more.  It cleanses the mind like sleep and exercise.  I own the domain for the next 20 years... might as well use it.  :)
Anyhow, we'll see where we get.  I probably won't write about all of this but part of it will find its way here for sure.  I have a Marlin Model 60 in pieces in the basement that has pushed its way to the front in my head...  Maybe I'll start there. 

Take are,


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