Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Good Sharper Knife... with a handle

This really took a long time.  I used more sandpaper than I have in quite a while to make it happen too.  In the end though the results were really good and spot on what I was after. 

I get mixed feedback on my choice of color but nobody argues with the results.  Check this out...

I worked on that stick for a solid hour.  I was able to shave outer bark without disrupting the inner bark.  This in turn led me to shave inner bark and try my hand at twisting up cordage.  After a few tries I got this to come together...

That's a pure first for me.  I can't tell you the kind of satisfaction is produces to use a tool I made to accomplish something I have not done before.  So very worth it.

Just for giggles, I made a quick follow-up vid today to test the sharpness, post trip with no touching up, etc.  The blade is as it was when I left the woods.

I need to make more of my own stuff.  I know I need a sheath and I need to consider the options there.  I'd also like to carve out my utensils.  We'll see... I also want to make my own pack and bucksaw...  More work than any hobby should be I'd say.

More after a bit...

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