Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some Cedar Cordage on a Perfect Day

I've been a on a study-kick for a while now.  I have been reading a bunch, trying to expand the underlying core of the things I like to do.  New perspectives are one of the best ways I know to test what you believe and do.

As a part of this, the idea of making cordage has really taken hold.  It's something I have been curious about for a long time and have finally decided to learn.  Like most skills, the initial part is all about learning the basics (which is where I am now) and the next part lasts a lifetime while the basics are adapted to serve the current situation.  Today I just wanted to see if I could make something that would hold some weight.

It was still raining when I got out of the car.  Just  little dribble though.  It was cool and very nice for July.  I hiked a bit and found a broken cedar tree.  Pealing a little bit of bark was easy however it was pretty small and limited length stuff.

It twisted up pretty well but it turns out the technique isn't just about twisting.  If it's running thick and thin...

There's probably a weak spot or two.  The parts that didn't break were still pretty strong.

So I packed up and did some more hiking.  Just a gorgeous day...  Then I happened upon this little guy.

It took a minute but I got a good pile of bark to work with for a second try.

I got about 18" twisted up before I ran out of fingers to twist it.  My hands are just not what they once were.  Still enough to get it this far thought...

I worked pretty hard to get keep the splices overlapped and to keep the tension and wrap constant.  This one sorted out pretty well and held, knotted. without breaking under the weight of klean kanteen bottle full of water.

New coolest thing I have ever made, right there.  I need to practice some more.  I need hand strength to make it longer and better.  Still pretty exciting to be able to make this much and have it hold.  Not sure how the wife will like it hanging in the house though...

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