Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let the Season ... Begin :)

So, having taken 220 days or so on hiatus to sort out life things and work things and health things, and having missed opening Monday because those I love were ill enough to stay in bed, I find that on the eve of my first hunt of this season I am excited.

It's going to be a simple affair tomorrow.  I am taking the newly revamped Clark 10/22 action down the hill to my number one spot.  I'll have a mag pouch I had made custom, PALS attached to my bottle carrier and a small pocket knife.  I just want to sit in the trees a long time and think about nothing while watching for stuff moving along the branches...  ;)

With any luck we'll get pictures and squirrels and pictures of squirrels.  I can't wait...  Less than 12 hours now...

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