Friday, May 8, 2015

Open Top Camping in the Early Summer

I really enjoy getting out in a hammock before the heat and bugs set it.  With the wife and kids headed out for a weekend without me, I took a shot and headed to the folks for a quick visit with some of my favorite trees.

One thing about visiting my Mom... you will never go hungry even if we have to hit a local eatery to prevent the horror of me losing a few pounds...  As a result, my planned afternoon of foraging and plant id and making string from green stuff all wound up as family time for me and my folks. 

The good news is, this time of year there's lots of light for a long time.  I got all set up for the night by 7:30 or so.  I took the cold weather bag out of the MSS and things were just perfect for me.  I think I only knew of one cold spot all night.  I have had a lot worse for sure.

I split up some good dry cedar and settled in for the night.  I just love working with this stuff.

The new blade worked as well as I had hoped.  The 5/32" steel  with an approx. 10 degree bevel was superb.  I need more time with it but so far, I am happy with my work on this one...  ;)

The leaf litter was thick and dry.  It scared the hell out of me so I went for a full six foot clear circle for the fire.  I kept it small and no harm or mad stomping fits, chasing rouge embers came my way. 

Overnight I felt really blessed.  The moon was bright as can be and a whippoorwill took up residence close by.  He was really close...  Check this out.  Just my iphone's microphone...

Overnight was really nice and pretty warm.  I really like that MSS set up for this sort of camping.  It's too heavy to carry very far but, when I am just four wheeling up the hill at the parents, it's fantastic.  I rolled out reluctantly early on Sunday...

Somehow sleeping out always makes me hungry so... I prepped up some fire stuff...

and made some eats...

After breakfast, I was all conflicted about how to spend my day;  The family would be all day and into the night getting home so I had all the time I wanted if I chose to stay in the woods and play.  On the other side of that though, it was opening weekend for the new Avengers movie.  I decided on the Avengers.  Packing was quick and easy.

I love my old ALICE pack.  I really need to find a way to go lighter though... some day.  :)

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