Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring. and Soon Please...

Spring is on its way here in the Buckeye State. The wife, youngster and I got out for a few loops around the block a couple of days ago and the sunset was just fantastic. Of course, everyone started to feel a cold coming on after our walk but it was worth it. I am tired of being all couped up. Winter needs to be over. By the amount of rain falling I suggest that we might be there. The snow was fun and then not while it lasted but I am ready for the sunscreen and the neck burns and the outdoor exercising

Working at home is really taking its toll on me. The wife is down with the flu and the youngster is just crazy with the wildness without Mommy guiding her day. It takes more than I have to do this for very long. Hats off to all who watch and care for children and houses all day and then try to work to. You are underpaid, whomever you are.

Check out this shot of the kiddo. She is moving so fast the camera won't keep up... and she is sitting down. Take her to a store sometime and try to keep up. No wonder Karen needed new knees.

We are appearently Kentucky fans now. I wonder if she knows Petino is not there anymore... ;-)

It's a good day all in all. It's just dark and rainy, it's on call week, everyone's sick, and I am just frayed. I need a break.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

About 175 Days Left

So by my count, there are about 175 days left until the start of the the 2008 Ohio squirrel season. Admittedly, that's still a pretty good stretch to go however the psychological impact to my world just from knowing we are less than 6 months back to the fun is just fantastic. This holds double-true this weekend given Ohio's snowed-in state. (We even made the damned national news last night. Got to love that...)

I've been working up a new, second rifle for hunting the tree rats. It's coming along very well. Where the squirrel rifles before have all focused on utility, thrift, and function as primary concerns with a secondary focus on things like accuracy and higher-end components, this one is more a Ferrari, so to speak. I didn't take any of the usual photos of the barrel fitting to the action or the initial stock to barreled action fitting. I do have some from where things stand today. Have a look...

The lighting in the basement is just crap for photos. It's tough to tell it however, the stock is another B&C Premier Thumbhole done in OD green with black webbing. (Shooter's Discount has them. Check it out). In addition to that, I've unbolted the Whistlepig match barrel and installed a Green Mountain Aero. (also from Shooter's Discount. Best price on the web...)

Other little extras in place so far include Tactical Solutions magazine release and picatiny scope rail, Burris extreme tactical rings, and one of my VQ parts triggers. The Bi-pod is just a working base for things and handy for making pictures. ;-) This angle shows the stock a little better. The picture through the rings is nice. We'll see how it does with a scope in it. Here's a another shot down the barrel. I am pretty fond of the way this system looks. My only real concern at this point is that the shroud rings like a bell when I cycle the action. Easy enough to fix but not something I wanted to have to do...

I have some remaining work to do with this. I have a CPC customized bolt headed my way that I want to try out. I've ordered a VQ edge extractor to install on it.. I hate FTE's. (failures to eject) Also, I am breaking down and going to durabake the bolt handle on this after swearing to never use a finish on this part. Finally, I have every intention of replacing the recoil buffer and putting a Leupold rimfire scope on it. It's a bit heavier than #2 but no prohibitively so. (Want to see #2? Go here and / or here...) I am anxious to get to the range with it sometime next month. GM's barrel break-in procedure is a bit involved compared to others but hey... they are supposed to be great.

175 Days... Not so much time when you need to build and tune a new rifle. Let's hope these last two with cover the need for a while. I can't afford this anymore. ;-) Next time, we can discuss my acquisition of the medium sized ALICE pack and my intention to use it this year. Packing for a few days out in Shawnee and beyond appears to be more involved than I thought. Man, I just love this stuff.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Freaking Winter

I think I have said so before but just in case, February and March are the bottom of my list of months of the year. Aside from my birthday in early March what is there to look forward to? Well, let me tell you... snow. And today, that would be a blizzard. (No kidding. The Weather channel site has a forecast for tonight and tomorrow of Blizzard... Oh hell)

Check this shot out. I am headed up the ramp here onto I-70 on the way home. Not sure if the phone photo can adequately convey the snow/wind/ice mess that Cow-town is in right now but it sucked. They kicked us out of the office at 1 today and it took me almost 2 hours to get home. Not a fun ride.

I took some more shots too. It was really slow and really dull. Bear in mind, this was about 1:30 in the afternoon and yeah, it was just that dark. Ohio weather sucks this time of year... The snow plow was big fun to follow.

The Sawmill interchange materializes from the snow...

I guess the best news of the day was that everyone got home OK and my girls jumped into their PJ's and decided to make Pizza and Cake and watch movies tonight. It's good to have the great family. Maybe they would still be great if we lived in Texas or Florida or Cali... Just bummed by this nonsense.

Of course, finding the wild monkey waiting for me is always fun... She is getting so big. Check her out all dressed up for my birthday. I am in so much trouble in 10 years or so.

Saturday Update: Check this out... The back yard on Saturday morning. I guess they got that whole weather forecast thing right this time. Blizzard for sure...