Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'll admit it. I have been remiss. Life has just gotten too busy and there just is not enough time to do all the things I want to any more. The good news though is that there is still time, now and again, to make things. This is what popped out earlier this week.

I am really partial to this one. I like it quite a bit.

It's the first one of this type I have made. The single-bevel grind was a bit more complicated than I thought. The constant angle is quite a bit more complicated to pull off than you might expect. I wound up first grinding it out rough and then used a 200 grit water stone to smooth it off, 1000 grit to even it. The it was time for heat treating. The handles are walnut dymondwood and the mosaic pins are a 3/16 brass and stainless called mourning star. I am working the sheath out as I go... Ah well, back to work. I have 2 more orders to try to get done. ;-)