Monday, February 22, 2010

The Next Round Begins... Leading off, Snakiemuk

Well gang, it's that time again... time to profile 5 or 6 blades and grind their edges and send them off to the heat treaters. The first order in the new group goes to my good friend Snake who I can honestly hear jumping up and down and clapping each time I send him an update. I figured since the profile is pretty well completed here and I am getting ready to grind a few more tomorrow, I'd post this up tonight. (sorry for the quilt in the pic there guys...) There are big plans for this one so stay tuned. If the Joel can pull it off, it will be one to remember. Thanks for looking and take care....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Girl -VS- Wild...

So here is it. The adventure video of the week from me and the Bushgirl. We got out in the snow and had a good time... even though we lost the fire in the move... Have a watch. Good stuff I thnk...

Thanks for looking and take care.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Fraulore

A while back, a friend on BCUSA was looking for someone to grind out a blank she could handle and finish out as a knife. After a fairly lengthy email discussion, she decided to order two... one finished and one blade blank she could finish on her own. This knife is a result of those discussions and I am quite pleased with it... as is the customer it seems. :D Check here...

It's loosely based on the Woodloore and made out of 5/32 inch O-1 steel, convex ground. The handle material is English Yew with black vulcanized spacers. The pins are brass and there's a mosaic pin on there as well.

Overall it's not a very large knife. The handle itself is less than 4.5 inches. Overall, the knife is about as long as a dollar bill. There was a requirement to accommodate some pretty small hands with this one so the palm swells and coke bottle shape all came off and the scales are simply thin and flat contoured.

I'd really like to think about making one of these in full size at some point but that would take away from it a little. The concept was best described as "..all I know is that I wanted it fat, gorgeous, and bomb-proof" I think we have it.

Thanks for looking and take care.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Really Old Back

Well, I'd like to have posted a few more stories about hunting for squirrels or getting out for a bow hunt before the seasons all closed up. It was not meant to be it seems.

In my last post I talked about what turned out to be my last hunt of 09-10. I pinched a nerve about a week before I went out to hunt that day and the throbbing ball of muscle in my right buttcheek turned into a pain train I never care to ride again. I'm still taking a few meds for things and I spend as much time laying in bed propped up as I can. The good news is that Molly, the sadistic PT girl, really does seem to know her stuff and I am on the mend.

My plan is to take another month and basically do nothing. I have a few knives to make and along about my birthday, I will try to take to the field again. I'm pretty excited about it. One nice thing about being propped up 8 or 9 hours at a time is that you really have time alone to think things through.

I typically regarded the folks who called pain enlightening as pure, bat shit, crazy freaks. It turns out what I think they meant is that strong enough pain will reduce life to its most basic form; Draw a breath and exhale. What can we do so that we never feel this again? How has so much of our life allowed this to happen?

It's provided a ... change in venue for my view of things. Physical health is not something to take for granted until it needs to be fixed and I am resolved to do better. If there are people in the world who need a hand to hold and shoulder to use while working out issues that hurt, I can provide one. All of the things I have chased, all of the gear I knew I needed, none of it matters. Have what it takes and nothing more. Happiness is sure to follow. Friends are important and good ones are worth a lot of sacrifice to keep.

I know... lots of new age shit, right? I wonder how I will ever make it stick because life is specifically designed to make you feel differently than that. We'll see I guess. All I know for sure is Tyler Durden may not have been entirely wrong... more on that later. For now, be well and take care.