Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Pocket Carry SAK Farmer Sheath

I have wanted to get a SAK Farmer now for a while.  Recently I was able to get one ordered with no real hardship or pain to my finanaces and I started to wonder about carry options.  I had heard some discussions about the value of having your absolute essentials attched to your person and I could see the sense in it.  I wondered what I could come up with for a carry option for the farmer and a firesteel that would do this and, after some fumbling around, this was the result.

I am not sure how many of you subscribe to IA Woodsman's youtube channel.  If you don't, you should.  Lots and lots of good info from a guy who knows his stuff.  Anyhow, he has some excellent videos about braiding, whipping ends, and firesteel lanyards and they really got me to thinking... 

I dug around a little and found a place called that sells 1/16", 100 lb test accessory cord and I ordered a spool or two for a couple of lanyards.  Next, I set about making a prototype leather sheath for the SAK itself until the cord arrvied.

I had a scrap chunk of 8 oz that I could work up nice and tight and wet form so I threw some stictching on it and soaked it.  It took about 20 minutes to get the SAk worked in and another 5 or so, pushing with some deer antler to form it all up. 

After the cord arrived, I braided two lanyards with braided eyes and fused up all of the loose ends with a match or two.

My initial thought was that I would have a braided line, looped through a hole on each end and whipped to make the loop.  (The acorns were more of an attempt to dress up the ugly thing but it failed...  :) I toyed with it some more and finally woud up at the four hole (and no more acorns) idea.

The braided line is worked around the holes, over and under, forming a linkage that will pull on the leather between the holes instead of expanding and eventually tearing out the outside holes.  (Shown here in completed form and admitedly, my stitching on this was more for function than looks...  )  Once whipped with some waxed thread, those things are not going anywhere.

Next I added a split rig to my firesteel and threaded ring onto the loop.  With the addition of an S-biener on the other end for looping around the belt, I got this...

I've been wearing it for about two weeks not and, thus far, everything is holing up well.  When I kneel the firesteel reaches the floor with slack to spare and the lanyard wraps around the sheath nicely when it goes back in my pocket.  Thus far, I am really pleased with it.  Hopefully, some day, I'll get back into the woods and get to test it on the real stuff rather than my fire pit in the back yeard...  Anyhow, thanks as always for reading.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Squirrel Hunting this Season

I didn't get to hunt much this year.  It just wasn't in the cards at all.  As we sit right now, I have one vacation day left and it will go for deer season.  I managed a few trips out but all in all, it was not a season to write home about.  I did get some nice pics though and I may have even bagged one or two along the way. 

I say it like I am complaining which doesn't seem right.  In the month of Thanksgiving I am thinking maybe I should appreciate and give thanks for what I have been given... that I had to so much time off and still got to hunt a few times in October...  It could be a lot worse.  That it's not like it was even just a few years ago doesn't matter except that my wife doesn't feel like a woods widow this year.  :)  I will get back to it next season.  My kiddos will be bigger and I will, hopefully, be more healthy and it will all fall into place... with a little bit of nudging.

Anyhow, have a look.  I have some photos from the season thus far.

Sunup over Tranquility WLA
My Squirrelling Rig, 2011
I do love big Oak trees
My rifle, my Jeans and a leaf of Autumn colors

One who did not get away...

Afternoon light in the maples.
When the new year cycles up and all of this is buried under snow and cold grey skies my vacation count recycles and I have time off again.  I am certain I'll be back out in these trees then once or twice more.  Then I'll go into hibernation and just work and mow grass until August rolls around and it's time once again to get ready.  Until then I'll just remember the warm days and the smell of the autumn woods and try to be grateful....  :)