Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lisbeth Project: A Custom 10/22 Squirrel Gun... Step #1 :)

I have been cleaning off my bench and sorting out leftover parts and so on for a while now.  Aside from figuring out that I have more stuff than I can get into one cleaning session, I was also able to assemble most of a 10/22 from the leftover parts I have from previous builds.  I see it as a sure sign I have done this sort of thing with the little Ruger, too many times... 

I had a Rimfire Technologies hammer from somewhere and a Power Custom sear that I pulled from an action for some reason and the dozen or so other parts it takes to build the trigger group.  Basically, I just needed to make sure I wasn't missing anything so, I went to it.  I was able to get the safety installed without losing the plunger or the spring (yes, I was happy) and I discovered I was only short a sear spring and sear pin.  I dialed up my good friends at and 3 days later, it was time to assemble.

First, I installed the magazine and bolt releases without any trouble.

Trigger, sear, and disconnector fully assembled and spring loaded.  The short cheater pin is very helpful.  Use it to assemble and insert into the trigger guard and then feed the full length one in...

Once it is installed.  Volquartsen trigger, Power Custom sear, stock Ruger disconnector...

The hammer and bolt release lever spring installed with out a hitch too.  I also got the trigger return plunger in without shooting it across the room.  This went pretty well.

Installing the extra power hammer spring on the spring strut was a bit more of a challenge than I expected but in the end, it worked and I was able to finish up the assembly. 

It has a good deal of pretravel which is OK for me, given that this one is a hunter.  Having some take up in front of the break point is a good thing in my other squirrel gun.  It seems to break crisply and is a marked improvement over the factory set up.  We shall see...

Next up...  The Stock and it's mods.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rifle Range Monday!!

So sometimes I get the urge to go shoot just to make sure I still know how, but almost always I have something else to do...  but not on Monday.  I planned it a full month in advance and steered everyone away from that day.... and it worked...  :)

I took what I have figured will be my two primary squirrel implements along because I wanted to get some trigger time on them and because I wanted to make sure they were still dialed in.  I had some trouble hitting about beyond 30 ish yards last season with the 10/22 and sure enough, 1/2" left and a little low at 25.  I adjusted it up and it seems to be working as well as always.  Someday I may even clean it. 

The Marlin 917V was an unknown for me given my last attempt (and failure) to sight it in (without a bench).  The truth is I had to do some reading about the trajectory to discover I probably want it to be 3/4" low at 25 yards.  I am thinking I will take this along for leaves off, late season hunting.  It makes sense.  Movement is tough.  Shots are longer.  I think it will work.  I may even take it out before then but the darned thing is heavy.

It does have some taccuracy in it though.  :)  That's 5 at 50.  I do like this rifle.  If you look at the embankment in the photo below here, you can see the 100 ish yard line where I went to work on all of the exposed orange bird fragments I could find.  I can say that if I did my part, the turned to dust...  :)

All in all a good day in pursuit of the set up for next season.  By my count, that leaves us 149 days and a wake up call....  :)