Saturday, October 27, 2012

Making Myself Another Bushcraft Knife.. again...

I count myself among the blessed people on the planet most of the time.  I have a great gig.  I work with good people.  I make almost enough money to cover the expense of being me and having kids.... it's a good thing.  Some of the best parts of my life are the friends that I have.  They are all good people who, for whatever reason, all seem to have the knives I have made for myself in the past.  :)  Since I know they didn't steal them, I must be to blame for that. 

Last week, while noodling around on a pad and helping my girl with her evening homework I stumbled onto a shape I really liked.  It's a variation of some that I have done previously and really liked so... I went to it.  I have some 7/64" O1 bar stock left from a previous project and decided to go that way for steel.  After some drawing and tracing and cutting and some more tracing... and a whole bunch of grinding, it popped out. 

As you might notice, I wasn't big on pictures up to this point.  I have done so many I thought would make it past the initial profile grind but then die because the look or feel like crap.  This one seems to work.  I got the initial grind in place and did some drilling for pins.

The first real goof was here.  The pommel pin is drilled the thickness of a sharpie marker ink line too high.  Not worry though.  I have an alternate pin plan that I like quite a bit.

I have the wet dry sand paper all teed up and ready to roll, once I get some time to sand it out.  It's all grainy right now...  needs some love...

Since this is, by shear course of hapenstance, an Autumn Bush Knife and I wanted to stay with the feeling of the season this year, I decided to go on the hunt for a more muted handle material.  Something a good deal more subtle than a massively figured burl and more sophisticated that Dymondwood. does not disappoint.  Check this out.  I found some stabilized Elm that is what I described to a T.


I also picked up some 1/16" G10 to use as a liner.  I am still on the fence about pins.  Once I see the color in person I'll decide about Brass or something else.

Anyhow, off to do the kid thing today.  Hopefully I get to sand some tonight or tomorrow and ship this one off on Tuesday.  Thanks for looking.


Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lisbeth Project Wraps Up - Duracoat 10/22 Squirrel Rifle

Back in April I started a project to convert a group of spare parts into a squirrel rifle that I could abolutley abuse if needed.  Since nothing matched and some parts were cosmetically marginal, I decided that it owuld be worth the extra effort to try out Duracoat.  I've shown this in previous posts I think.  It was pretty simple to do and the all in one kits Lauer sells worked great.

This week, we crossed the six month mark for curing time for the painted parts.  I decided today was a good day to get to the range and test out full function.  It was a good test. 

The paint held up well.  The rifle places shots where I want and the trigger is superb.  The Weaver scope is probably the best I have used on a rimfire rifle.

It really likes the SKB Subsonic HP's.  I put about 100 of them through it without a failure to feed or a misfire.  The scope dialed in and the last 20 were on target.  I filled up both mags and headed off to the woods.

Sadly by 2 PM or so, there was almost no movement in the trees and none was what I was after.  Chipmunks are no fun to shoot at all...  They are entirely too cute.  :)

I'm sure this isn't her last appearence on these pages but for now, this is all I got.  Next week we'll do a whole day and see how she does.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bark River Bravo-1: Initial Impressions and Thoughts

I started in the Bushclass certification right around August 5 or 6 of this year.  A big part of my plan to make it work was to use the class to vet out knives along the way.  I had sold a Bravo-1 in July that I sort of liked but really sort of didn't, largely because of the thumb ramp and the way the scales felt during use.  It was a great fit ergonomically but the slick micarta was not really my thing.  Anyhow, after doing some reading about the new ramp less Bravo, I decided I would give it a go.  It's a damned fine looker.  (I've used these pics in other posts here and elsewhere... Sorry nothing new in this one...  :) )  I have had excellent experiences with A2 in factory knives and in customs I have made so I went with it for this one as well.

I took it in the mailing container with the factory packaging still on it during the first trip out with it.

 It didn't even have a fingerprint on it and the folks sent me exactly what I ordered.  It's always a good thing when you head out with it still packed and it's the right knife...  :)  Like I said, it' a looker.  I really didn't like the sheath when it came out of the box but I've used it a few times now and it's OK.  At some point I need to make a dangler up for this one. 

It came out of the box plenty sharp and I set to work on lesson 1 with it.  I kept it to cedar and it handled it like a champ.

Baton performance was rock solid and I had no issues with nicks, bends, edge roll, etc.  The thickness seems good for this sort of work as well.

So far, I can say it's a good knife for bush work.  I've beat it a bit and pushed it some and so far, it has some scratches but no issues.  I like it a good deal.

As a part of the basic class I have also used a BK2 and a BRKT Aurora 3V.  Thus far, this is my fav.  When I head out next to start the Intermediate process, this one is the one going with me.

A parting prep shot from outing #4...  I love this thing...

Negelect, Bushclass Basic Cert Completed, Assorted Outings...

Well, it's done. Bushclass Basic is wrapped up. It took about two months, start to finish and wasn't particularly difficult. If a basic understanding of some outdoorsy type stuff is what you're after, it may be for you. Check it out over at BCUSA.

Anyhow, I have some more time now and some new gear in the bag to try out. I am hoping to get in some hunting too. I'll see if I can do a better job of writing something, now and then. So here's something. This is my vid for my fourth outing and was my overnight outing. It was fun but sort of sucked. I'm glad I was able to come home to a bed... :)

Thanks for looking and take care.