Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Bag for Ranging and Roving - Concept Phase

One of my favorite reads on the whole of the Internet is The American Grouch.  Recently, I was drifting around, reading some stuff I hadn't looked at before and I happen on an article called Rifleman's Bag.  Check it out here.  Damned fine reading all around on that site...

Anyhow, the concept there is something I have been after for a hunting carry for a while now.  I really enjoyed he simplicity and effectiveness of the set up... not too heavy, not over crowded, fully and completely functional.  I decided to do some cogitation... Given the gear I have and say $100 what could I come up with that would work as well with the same qualities?

I considered a number of options.  First, and because I have them around, I decided one of my Maxpedition bags would be a solid platform to use as a basis.  Currently, I have three bags that might qualify; A Versipak Jumbo, A Versipak Colossus, a 10 x 4 Bottle carrier, and a Noatak Gearslinger.  I have some other stuff I could use too but these things are bullet proof.  I figure it we're going to rig it up and spend some time with it, it should last.

Then I stopped, realizing I had gone into this backwards as I do sometimes....  What was it I really needed in the kit?  Forget the bag for a second...  I figured if I could sort that out ahead of time, I could probably match up a bag down the line... So I did.  The final list of carry items sorted out as follows:

  • Trangia Burner with handy scrap metal grate slats
  • 5 x 7 UL MEST Tarp from BC Outfitters pre rigged with tie out lines.
  • Small, Joelproof fire kit (tiny but workable)
  • Snow Peak Ti Cup and lid
  • Nalgene 32 oz water bottle
  • 12 oz reserve flask for more water
  • Thermarest Stadium Seat
  • Tent Stakes ( Note on this: Item #1 to buy...  I found 6" Titanium stakes  that seem tough as nails.  I need to try them out but they are promising... Field Report is forthcoming)
  • 550 Cordage - 12 extra feet should cover it
  • Compass
  • Gum
  • Eye Drops
  • Deet Spray
  • Lip Balm
  • PSK (This is another whole post...  It started in a tin and turned into an E&E pouch)
  • Leatherman Wave
  • Fixed Blade something or other
  • Small Radio

Now I need to get it put together.  With any luck I'll even get done by the weekend...  :)  6 days and a wakeup, BABY!  Squirrel Season 2013!  Woooo Hoooo!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Bug-Filled Sauna of Last Sunday Night

Packed up...

Set up...

Weathered on...

Cleared up...

Sweated out and misted...

Great trip overnight...

Great Coffee and too hot for any fire...